Bespoke Events

Tailored-made b2b networking events in the world’s most iconic venues.

Bespoke Events by Intrinsic Communications is a global end-to-end b2b events service. Connecting people and businesses for private, closed-door networking events.

For Businesses

Our turn-key solution provides you with an exclusive opportunity to meet with an audience of key decision-makers from your top target organisations, in some of the world’s most breathtaking venues. Delivering real, tangible prospects directly into your sales funnel.

For Attendees

Exclusive dinner evenings connecting a select group of senior leaders together with a leading tech provider for an evening of networking and fine dining. With discussions centred on discovering practical solutions to your common pain points or future developments – upcoming events.
“We tasked Intrinsic to deliver a private dinner for 15 CISOs with rather short notice! They accepted the challenge and delivered a very successful event. They owned all logistical aspects and, by far the most valuable element, the selection and recruitment of well-profiled delegates to match our requirements. The result was an interesting, interactive, thought-provoking evening held at a prestigious location. I would happily recommend Intrinsic to others.”
EMEA Marketing Director
Bespoke Events by Intrinsic Communications
“Museum of Brands venue was a big hit and every attendee and Infosys team loved it. It was very apt for the audience (mostly Marketing folks) and it was a fantastic experience and which was our theme for the event. We have received good feedback on the quality of the audience and thanks to you and your team for ensuring we have the right audience. Overall the event was very well planned and executed and your professional approach is much appreciated. You went out of the way to ensure that the tube service disruptions do not impact our event by offering reimbursable Uber rides to our delegates, this was amazing! Thank you for being such a great partner and look forward to a great event in Chicago and beyond.”

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