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Cyber Resiliency: Achievable Goal or Flight-of-Fancy? 

October 27, 2022
11:00 GMT

We’ve seen mass disruptions of operations to thousands of organisations around the World due to cyber incidents. But ransomware is merely a symptom, not the cause – the cause is a lack of cyber resiliency. 

In this session we’ll talk about how organisations have spent much of the past two decades building higher walls and wider moats, only to find adversaries can build taller ladders and faster boats. Analytics show that the average business is spending on additional tools which are swelling the CISO’s budgets. Cyber Security headcount is also increasing at a time of a skills shortage, and all for small increments in risk mitigation. 

James will draw on his experience of building the Security Operation capabilities for dozens of FORTUNE/FTSE 100 companies and one-the-ground experience in ransomware and wiper attack incident response to provide pragmatic advice on how to move to a cyber resilient posture. You will also hear from the Rubrik regional leadership team on how you can protect your backup systems from a ransomware attack, along with the industry-first $5m Ransomware Warranty.

We will be discussing:

  • Overview of the ransomware security landscape
  • What you can do to be more cyber secure
  • What to do when ( not if ) you have a security attack
  • How to take a full-rounded approach to secure your environment – whether in the cloud, hybrid or on-prem
  • Implementing solutions for full cyber resiliency

James Black
Field CTO

Chris Beckett
Sales Engineer

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