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Enhancing network experiences with AI for improved business outcomes in Retail

November 10, 2022
11:00 GMT

Across the retail industry, brands are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to improve customer and employee experience and increase operating efficiency which will lead to revenue increase, cost reduction and increased security.

To bring customers back to stores as quickly as possible retailers are looking to;

  • digitally enhance their in-store shopping experiences
  • with more convenience
  • more value
  • and more personalized interactions (omnichannel)

The network infrastructure has always been a key enabler for efficient retail operations.  In-store point of sale (POS) devices, store and warehouse scanners and interactive real-time customer engagement require reliable wireless connectivity, while predictable WAN connectivity is essential for communicating between stores, warehouses, and headquarters operations.

Employees need to have access to the right tools and data.

In order to increase efficiency and improve customer experience, there are more devices and sensors (IoT) implemented in stores and warehouses.

Consumers expect interactivity and personalisation. Satisfying the expectations of the new generation of shoppers requires a seamless experience across all channels and effective alignment between physical and virtual worlds.

Join us for this LIVE virtual roundtable as we discuss the three areas of success for any retail company and brand – delivering revenue growth, reducing the cost of running the business and optimising security and the critical role network infrastructure plays in improving your business operations and delivering better business results.

Attend to learn how to:

  • Increase reliability and speed for front-of-store sales and back-of-store operations
  • Deliver in-store shopping experience with real-time wayfinding and guest Wi-Fi
  • Personalise the shopper experience with real-time notifications and alerts
  • Reduce time to market for new digital initiatives
  • Securely connect and protect your retail operations


Jarek Matschey
Head of Retail Practice – EMEA
Juniper Networks

Hosted By:
Juniper Networks

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