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Doing More with Less: How to Improve Sales Performance while Improving ROI on RevOps Investments

October 18, 2022
12 PST / 2pm CST / 3PM EST

Reshaping your go-to-market strategy to optimize resources and drive more profitable revenue

If you’re reading the headlines, the news about inflation, an uncertain economy and war are likely impacting your business strategy. As talks of growth begin to shift to things like cost containment and improving bottom-line efficiencies, Sales and Revenue leaders are zeroing in on how to make the most of their go-to-market (GTM) resources.

In this roundtable discussion, we’ll explore strategies to optimize your GTM resources to help you drive  more predictable, profitable and resilient revenue, including:

  • Creating optimized territories to drive rep efficiency and allow more time for sales coaching
  • Developing compensation plans that drive behaviours aligned to your corporate goals
  • Combining pipeline data with compensation plans to predict commissions, giving reps visibility into earnings and finance an accurate view of expenses
  • Reducing technical debt by retiring point solutions and adopting a single RevOps platform

Stephanie Schall
Global Forecasting Solutions Strategist

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