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Technology’s Role in Corporate Sustainability Journeys

November 15, 2023
8:00 GMT


Location: Claridges
Timing: 08:00 – 10:00

Please join us for a complimentary breakfast event in Claridge’s private dining room as we discuss how to make your business more sustainable through digital transformation.

Sustainability is, and will continue to be, one of the hottest topics around and fundamentally impacts stakeholder decision-making. 99% of Fortune 500 CEOs believe that sustainability will be critical to the future of their business.

At the very heart of sustainability is the need to “do more with less”; the complex, intertwined nature of business operations can make it difficult to identify opportunities but, more importantly, to understand the impact of proposed changes across the enterprise. Change is disruptive and challenging so balancing digital transformation initiatives while delivering business as usual is often the cause of paralysis. Everyone knows it needs to be done, but the task is often considered too big, our staff are too busy, and the path to the end is unclear.

Data understanding is essential, but data exploitation drives sustainability and tangible business benefit. The ability to collect and quickly consume data leads to data silos being broken down and insights uncovered. However, the benefit is maximised if the technology to exploit those insights is streamlined and scalable. By utilising the “just enough, just in time” concept in supply/logistics operations, digital transformation tools can give businesses the flexibility and affordability to scale when required.

In this breakfast briefing, speakers from Aveva, will discuss:

  • Where to Start – “Getting after” the data you need to drive sustainability goals
  • Stronger Together – Sharing data across an Enterprise/Ecosystem
  • Size Matters – Designing and scaling your data projects based on sustainability objectives
  • Single Pain of Glass – Sustainability measuring and monitoring
  • Streamlined Engineering – Shortening the entire engineering cycle

Mounir Boemond
Sales Director

Mike Collins
Sales Director

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