The Evolution of Digital Commerce in the Post-Pandemic World

The event will comprise an exclusive and private round table for senior industry executives followed by followed by a NHL New York Ranger’s game from our corporate booth! Businesses in almost every industry saw an unprecedented boom in digital commerce in the past two years, but the pandemic drastically changed customer behavior. In this hybrid […]

The Power of Autonomous Supply Chain

An open panel discussion on visibility, agility, and intelligence. The event will be comprised of an exclusive and private open panel discussion for Consumer Goods, Retail, and Logistics industries followed by a National Hockey League New York Ranger’s game. Join us for power-packed networking and stimulating conversations at Madison Square Garden along with Lora Cecere […]

Accelerating the low-carbon energy transition with the digital convergence of Engineering & Operations

As the energy industry races to meet ever more ambitious climate targets and regulations, organizations are finding intelligent ways to evolve. Faced with pressure to accelerate the transition to lower-carbon solutions while ensuring operations keep running smoothly, trusted information and insights are helping organizations equip their workforces for success. The energy transition and decarbonization are […]

Enhancing network experiences with AI for improved business outcomes in Retail

Across the retail industry, brands are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to improve customer and employee experience and increase operating efficiency which will lead to revenue increase, cost reduction and increased security. To bring customers back to stores as quickly as possible retailers are looking to; digitally enhance their in-store shopping experiences with more convenience […]

Cyber Resiliency: Achievable Goal or Flight-of-Fancy? 

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We’ve seen mass disruptions of operations to thousands of organisations around the World due to cyber incidents. But ransomware is merely a symptom, not the cause – the cause is a lack of cyber resiliency.  In this session we’ll talk about how organisations have spent much of the past two decades building higher walls and […]